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Whetstone is a comprehensive High School with college prep emphasis. Whetstone offers many opportunities to earn college credit through Advanced placement (AP) courses, PSEO college credits, and the Seniors-to-Sophomores programs. Whetstone is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities and by the State of Ohio Department of Education.

Whetstone offers college preparatory courses in English, Science, Math, Social Studies and Foreign Language. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are offered in English Literature and Composition, Language and Composition, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus AB and American Government (Calculus BC is offered based on student need). Hocking College offers Post Secondary Education Opportunity (PSEO) classes held at Whetstone in Psychology, Sociology, Government and Comm. I and II. Students meeting the academic requirements are also eligible to apply to take PSEO courses at area colleges/universities on the college or university campus. PSEO courses provide students both high school and college credits.

On average, approximately 65% of Whetstone HS graduates enter either a four-year college/university, a two-year institution, or a technical program. Approximately 50% of graduates acquire the CCS Certificate of College Preparation and 30% receive the Certificate of Specialization. Read below for requirements for these certificates.

Additional Requirements/Terminology

Certificate of Specialization
The student must earn five or more credits in a specific area of academic or elective studies and a minimum of 23 total credits (fulfilling the CCS Diploma of Graduation requirements).

Physical Education Option
Columbus City Schools shall excuse from the high school physical education requirement any student who, during high school, has participated in interscholastic athletics, marching band, or cheerleading for at least two full seasons. However, the student shall be required to complete one-half unit, consisting of at least 60 hours of instruction in another course of study and have carried a full course load all years.

Credit Flexibility
Credit flexibility is the opportunity for students to create unique learning experiences by allowing them to demonstrate (through individual proposals or credit by examination and demonstration) their understanding and skills according to individual learning styles and experiences.

Virtual Credit Advancement Program (VCAP)

The Columbus City Schools Virtual Credit Advancement Program provides non-traditional students with an alternative method of earning their high school credits towards graduation. The program serves students in grades 9 – 12, ages 14 – 21. VCAP offers students an individualized, blended approach to earning course credit through online instructional delivery utilizing Plato Learning Environment software. Available courses are updated on a regular basis. For the most current information, visit the CCS website (www.columbus.k12.oh.us) and click the “parents and students” link. Follow this to the “Pre-K-12 Curriculum Services & Programs” link.

The I Know I Can foundation partners with Columbus City Schools to promote student success and provide access to college. Visit their website for more information on their programs. They recommend the following websites for students: knowhow2goohio.org which gives information about getting ready for college or collegesearch.collegeboard.com which allows students to see which universities offer majors that may be of interest to them.

Homework Information

School Policy on Make-Up Work
Whetstone High School Make-up work policy If your student is absent from school due to an illness, please remind him/her to get their make-up work. Students will normally have an amount of time equal to the amount of time they have been absent to complete make-up work. Failure to do so or make special arrangements with the teacher will result in all work that has not been completed being counted as failing grades. Students who are likely to be absent more than four days should call the guidance office (365-6066) to request assignments which can be picked up 24 hours after being requested. Following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to check with each teacher regarding make-up work. Once your student receives their make-up work, please make sure they get everything made up as soon as possible.


Punctual daily attendance is critical in promoting student success. Students who will be late or absent from school must have a parent call the attendance office prior to 9am (365-6062). Whetstone HS follows the CCS attendance policy. To view this policy in full including acceptable excuses, click here. Students must submit a note explaining the absence with 48 hours of their return to school. Notes may be submitted via US Mail, with the student or via email.

Student attendance, including tardies, is a part of the permanent school record. This record is sent to Universities, employers and scholarship/awards committees as a part of a transcript request. Punctual daily attendance is a reflection of a student's level of maturity and responsibility.

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